when things don’t go according to plan

When plans keep changing, flip flopping from one end to another, I get so irritated, so annoyed. I just can’t stand it when a decision can’t be made, or keeps altering. I’m not even sure why I feel this way.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how lame and minute of matter, what just happened really was. So I booked a table at this pretty nice restaurant called Fuego. I was so excited to go; it is also my second last weekend at home before heading back to university. My mum, on the other hand, was not too keen on it. She claimed that we just ate out the night before, we should be more budget conscious, and having dinner at home would be just as nice. We don’t actually have any financial concerns, but my mum is more conservative and wants to set a good example of being frugal. That aside, my sister then asked if she can take over the table and go out with her boyfriend instead. I felt really unhappy about that because I really wanted to go, everyone wanted to go except for my mum. At the end, my dad decided that we will just go to Fuego anyway. I got annoyed that we took a long time and lots of flip flopping to get to this decision; my sister got annoyed because she already told her boyfriend about the plan of “taking over our table reservation”. This was basically the context

I’m guessing it’s because when I have certain fixed expectations, certain vision of how I want an event would go, and THAT VISION is not met, I feel disappointed, upset. Worst of all, when it takes time to plan something and it doesn’t go through, it just feels like a waste of time. I hate it when I feel like my time is wasted.

Being in a big family of seven means that plans are constantly changing, it takes ages to order food, decide on a place to go, etc. Sometimes, these plans don’t even go through, such as when one individual has something urgent come up all of a sudden or have their own agenda…

I have been with this family since I was born. I am now 20, but why am I still not used to this? Why can’t I be more flexible when things don’t always go according to plan?

I think somedays I am very spontaneous, flexible, I’m unfazed by fluttering, undecided plans and can simply go with the flow, but sometimes I simply cannot stand it.

I always end up being the person that feels like crap when I get annoyed and irritated, which often also destroys the atmosphere and the mood of others. The whole point of writing is blog is for me to better regulate my emotions.

I want to stop getting annoyed when things don’t go according to how I envision. I think it is really important to keep an open mind, let life unfold on its own. I need to trust that whatever happens, whether we ended up choosing to go to restaurant A or restaurant B, it would be fine — although I was initially set on restaurant A. What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing. If i throw a fit and show how unhappy I am, it in turns ruin my appetite, my mood and not just mine but everyone around me.

I simply need to accept that wavering, uncertain, flexible plans actually bring the most excitement. Sure, it brings about uncertainty, but I think that I simply need to embrace this change and uncertainty, which is what brings about surprises. Life is full of surprises, twists, changes. If I can’t even manage a slight change in plans, how do I manage the uncertainties of life?

Here’s to becoming a more patient person, a more pleasant to be around,

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