ugh feeling purposeless makes me feel so empty, so what is my purpose

What is my purpose? What do I do with my life? Why am I here on Earth? Why am I alive? These are things I ask myself all the time. When I feel like I lack purpose, I tend to feel very empty, useless, sad. Maybe that is why I started this blog, started making tiktoks, and even posted some Youtube videos, in hopes of getting to know myself better, regulating my emotions better while spreading joy and feeling remotely useful while I’m at it.

But somedays I ask myself why I’m doing all this, is there even a purpose? Am I even making progress, or is this even reaching anyone?

Today, a conversation with my mum changed the way I view all this. She said that, “as humans we often operate from the space of fear, needs, and desire, but inadequately from the space of joy. Our life doesn’t necessarily need a purpose, what is important is to live moment to moment, and to derive joy from these moments of simply living.”

This idea was further reinforced from the movie “Soul” (an insanely beautiful film) — I just watched it a second time and it got even better! My main takeaway from the movie is this: the “spark” of our soul is not our “purpose”. Our spark is not the meaning of our life or the thing we are destined to do, but rather, the “spark of life” is our enthusiasm in living — noticing the beautiful, small, simple joys in life.

Mmm so I just thought to myself maybe it is not that important to have a “purpose” after all, right? What’s most important is that I cherish my life, live in the present, enjoy small but beautiful moments — including the first bite into a pastry, devouring my food when I’m famished, falling in love with a song as the first note hits, watching birds fly about doing its business, the satisfaction of laying on freshly washed sheets, and more. Each day is filled with so many “beautiful” moments. A moment in our life — good or bad, beautiful or ugly — is often dictated by our perception. The way we perceive things, whether we choose to appreciate something or not, see the good in a situation, see the beauty in a scene is up to us. Hm maybe I am being idealistic I’m not sure.

Maybe I can be happy and content with exactly where I am right now, without yearning to be somewhere else–to have fulfil a certain something, a goal, have a purpose. Maybe having a purpose is not that important after all, but rather what is more important is finding pockets of joy in the little moments of our daily lives.

let me know your thoughts.

With love,

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