my Malaysian 53 year old mum is learning Spanish

I’ve been quarantining with my mum and every night before going to bed she would learn a bit of Spanish for 15-30 minutes, listen to a talk/ read, then go to bed. Sure, 53 is not that old, but she’s at a place where she can just sit back, relax, watch tv, chill our, enjoy life to the max. Sometimes, I wonder why she’s still doing all these things that she’s doing, all these learning and knowledge acquiring.

This makes her my greatest life inspiration. No matter her age, she always wants to try new things, go on adventures, learn a new language and more. She started learning Spanish for her trip to South America a couple of years back. Since then, she kept going and never stopped. Now, she can hold substantial small talk in Spanish, not sure about you but I am so impressed. When she was on duolingo going through the different exercises I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing because I didn’t know that she was that advanced, it really surprised and amazed me the standard she is at.

I always feel so lucky to have the mum that I have. She didn’t directly teach me all the things I know now or embody, but rather inspired me to become the person I am. We just booked our walking trip on the Fife Coastal Path — her suggestion– as she said she would want to go on as many of these adventurous trips as possible before she can no longer do it anymore. I think that is super freaking impressive. Her yearning for adventure, growth–spiritually, mentally, physically– knowledge, the cultivation of compassion and peace are all things I grew up with.

I can go on and on on the good things about her, but let’s stop here for now. Essentially, what I’m trying to say is, she makes me want to read in my free time, listen to podcasts, take up challenges, try new things–whether it’s cooking a new dish or exploring a new place– meditate in the morning, and overall grow as a person. I feel so lucky to have her. And most touching of all (to me) is, the love she showers me is just an endless ending strong waterfall equivalent or greater.

My mum is my person, my pillar, my best friend and more.

Go tell someone you love that you love them now 🙂 (sorry kinda cheesy)

With love,

One thought on “my Malaysian 53 year old mum is learning Spanish

  1. Well, I think your mum just inspired me as well,😁😁 I am 16 apparently and I think I want to grow up to be an inspiration to my children as well… that’s one of my greatest dreams,


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