Porridge is probably the best breakfast food

I really enjoy posting on this blog, but somehow, I’ve let it slipped away. I went on a trip, started university again, saw a bunch of friends I haven’t seen since summer started, met a boy that I might actually like–things pile up. Except, these are probably all just excuses because I still have a say on what I want to prioritise. So here I am, I am deciding to post more regularly again.

I didn’t really have one thing specifically I wanted to write about, just knew I wanted to write. While I was thinking about what to write today, I was holding a bowl of hot steamy porridge that I have just freshly made. I was three bites in and was enjoying myself maybe a little more than I should. I literally have porridge with a mashed banana in it, alongside a dash of date syrup almost every morning, if not every other morning.

But somehow, the joy derived from it still has not diminished.

I think porridge is definitely one of the best, if not the best breakfast food. It is warm, which feels gentle on the under-revved engine which is my stomach upon waking. It is nutritious, contains protein, it’s comforting, easy to chew because you technically don’t even have to, it’s sweet but not too sweet–just the right amount of sugar for your body to feel good and non sickly. It is non-greasy; not heavy but not light either so it’s not like your tummy would still feel empty or hungry after having it (which is how I feel if I only have a smoothie or fruits for breakfast). I can go on and on about why porridge is so great.

Simple joys in life, right?

When I went camping last week, I went 3 days without hot food, slept in a sleeping bag that was not thick enough to withstand the Scottish highlands temperature, had rain leak through the flimsy tent and woke up with soaking wet hair, it wasn’t comfortable. I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. But when I came home, I just started appreciating all the simple things so much more. A hot shower, a soft and comfy bed, access to the stove which means getting hot food, feeling sheltered etc.

This bowl of porridge I had is just a tiny example. As corny as it is, I think there are countless of beautiful things, moments, sensations in life that we are constantly missing. I want to slow down, I want to stop missing all these moments which probably would have just passed me by before because I was too busy to notice, too occupied to notice.

I want to immerse myself in life, in moments. Notice all the little beautiful things around me and derive happiness from them– such as observing the rain, the calming scene of it gliding down, the way it tickles the leaves and branches, the way it nourishes our earth, keeping us alive. I no longer see rainy days as “bad days” or label it as “disgusting weather”, who am I to judge it, especially when I need it to keep me alive?
I want to be mindful of everything I do and feel: chew slowly, tasting the nuanced layers of food, the way the taste and texture of food changes each time I chew it; bring to awareness the satisfaction of brushing out the gunk on my tongue after brushing my teeth, leaving my mouth feeling extra clean; the relief and lightness derived from a big exhale; the feeling of warmth gliding down my oesophagus as I drink a hot drink; countless beautiful moments in life that we just need to be mindful enough to see.

Sometimes, it is so much easier to complain and focus on the bad parts of a day, it feels natural. But I really just want to deliberately bring my attention back to the beautiful little moments in life.

With love,

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