Gratitude journaling — how it actually uplifts you

Happy 2022! One of my New Years resolution is to live more mindfully, develop myself spiritually and mentally. I could not have this goal without any actionable plan. So I have decided to do 5 minutes of gratitude journaling every day, a 30 day yoga challenge in January, and incorporating breath work into my daily life.

Gratitude journaling is something I usually do at night before going to bed. I write down 5 to 10 things I am grateful for depending on my mood. It could be anything, a specific thing I ate (like a really sweet and crunchy apple), or cool clouds I saw that day, seeing a friend, my ability to walk, the concept of restaurants (where you get to choose anything from a menu and your orders will be fulfilled, food will appear right in front of you) — these small things in life end up being the biggest components that make up our life!

How gratitude journaling ACTUALLY uplifts you, and why it is really so life changing:

  1. It helps me reflect on my day–the entirety of it from start to finish. I find that sometimes I would have a great morning, but later in the day when some crappy things/ events come my way, or I have a less good evening, I would label that day as a “shit” day. However, in reality, many great things may have occurred that day, but I have just neglected them because I let a few shitty incidents override all the good ones. I think this is just really unfair towards all the good things that occurred in my day.
  2. It makes me more mindful of little moments in my life. Small, beautiful moments in my day actually gets picked up when I do gratitude journaling. It forces me to slow down, observe my surroundings and my thoughts.
  3. It helps me see the beauty of life. I know this is so damn cheesy I’m cringing at my self. But I truly believe that it is the small beautiful moments in life, and small little interactions with people around us that get us through life, or to help us attain a happy life. Despite having the perfect job, perfect family, everything we could possibly want, we would not feel happy or satisfied without appreciation and gratitude for the things we have. Without gratitude towards things, big or small, we will never realise how much we already have, will thus chase after more, might even have greed over come us.
  4. Gratitude leads to contentment. ^ as explained in the point above.
  5. Gratitude journaling fills my heart with warmth and love, when I see the beauty in small moments, feel content –> I feel warm, I feel whole, I feel much less lonely.
  6. Leads to an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. We end up seeing all the things we already have, it makes us believe we have plenty of good things lined up in our day(s), in our life, and that more of much good things will keep coming. This is the complete opposite of a scarcity mindset where we believe we need something more to feel happy and fulfilled.

Being reflective, digging into your own mind, exploring and learning about ourselves, is not always an easy task. Getting to know ourselves is just as difficult as getting to know a person. It takes effort, but I think it is so worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ On days where I do gratitude journaling, I feel a big difference in my attitude and overall feel towards that day. I often feel like I have had a much better day on days where I practice gratitude as opposed to the days where I “forget to” or am “too lazy” to spare 5 minutes to journal. This is a (off and on) habit which I started doing last year. This year, I want to keep this habit up consistently, because it really is pretty damn life changing. I know it’s cheesy, YouTubers, influencers, Oprah talk about it, but if it works it works. Try it out!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

With love,

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