why I’m sad + reframing my mean, ugly, irrational thoughts…

Do you sometimes just feel sad for no real reason? Loaded chest, ugly mean thoughts circulating around , just all round heavy feeling. The past few days had been just that for me, my chest feels so heavy, I think mean thoughts about myself, and I feel discontent about everything. Nothing really brings much pleasure,Continue reading “why I’m sad + reframing my mean, ugly, irrational thoughts…”

Gratitude journaling — how it actually uplifts you

Happy 2022! One of my New Years resolution is to live more mindfully, develop myself spiritually and mentally. I could not have this goal without any actionable plan. So I have decided to do 5 minutes of gratitude journaling every day, a 30 day yoga challenge in January, and incorporating breath work into my dailyContinue reading “Gratitude journaling — how it actually uplifts you”

2022 is already starting off badly, how do I manage my damn anxiety?

I started 2022 with covid, falling out with my best friend/flatmate, starting to get worried as hell about uni & my future. Writing this to deal with my anxiety, how I overcome it.

is self-care and guides to “feel happy” a scam?

I’ve seen numerous Instagram posts, YT videos, articles about how to feel happy, how to get out of a mental clutter etc, sometimes it all just feels like a scam. Don’t get me wrong, I find a lot of the resources online helpful, they advocate for things that actually work — meditation, journaling, yoga, cooking,Continue reading “is self-care and guides to “feel happy” a scam?”

Porridge is probably the best breakfast food

I really enjoy posting on this blog, but somehow, I’ve let it slipped away. I went on a trip, started university again, saw a bunch of friends I haven’t seen since summer started, met a boy that I might actually like–things pile up. Except, these are probably all just excuses because I still have aContinue reading “Porridge is probably the best breakfast food”

ugh feeling purposeless makes me feel so empty, so what is my purpose

What is my purpose? What do I do with my life? Why am I here on Earth? Why am I alive? These are things I ask myself all the time. When I feel like I lack purpose, I tend to feel very empty, useless, sad. Maybe that is why I started this blog, started makingContinue reading “ugh feeling purposeless makes me feel so empty, so what is my purpose”

am i having a crappy day or did i let one crappy incident ruin my day?

Today, I was just in a mood. I was feeling quite upset because my travel plans with a friend fell through which threw me off because it means I had to replan my entire trip, potentially do some solo travelling which I’m not too ready for now. When I’m in a mood, I’m not theContinue reading “am i having a crappy day or did i let one crappy incident ruin my day?”

naked, in front of the mirror

When you stand completely naked in front of the mirror, what do you see? How do you see yourself?  When I am stood naked in front of the mirror, my first thoughts are: oh how does my face look today, is it spotty, and inflamed? Do my abs look defined enough, ok let’s tense realContinue reading “naked, in front of the mirror”