why I’m sad + reframing my mean, ugly, irrational thoughts…

Do you sometimes just feel sad for no real reason? Loaded chest, ugly mean thoughts circulating around , just all round heavy feeling. The past few days had been just that for me, my chest feels so heavy, I think mean thoughts about myself, and I feel discontent about everything. Nothing really brings much pleasure,Continue reading “why I’m sad + reframing my mean, ugly, irrational thoughts…”

Gratitude journaling — how it actually uplifts you

Happy 2022! One of my New Years resolution is to live more mindfully, develop myself spiritually and mentally. I could not have this goal without any actionable plan. So I have decided to do 5 minutes of gratitude journaling every day, a 30 day yoga challenge in January, and incorporating breath work into my dailyContinue reading “Gratitude journaling — how it actually uplifts you”

2022 is already starting off badly, how do I manage my damn anxiety?

I started 2022 with covid, falling out with my best friend/flatmate, starting to get worried as hell about uni & my future. Writing this to deal with my anxiety, how I overcome it.

Why dads are so difficult to get along with. yeah why is it so difficult?

I struggled hard to get along with my dad this winter holiday, kinda as always… but why? how do I resolve this? Is it an internal me-issue of is my dad just problematic?

am i having a crappy day or did i let one crappy incident ruin my day?

Today, I was just in a mood. I was feeling quite upset because my travel plans with a friend fell through which threw me off because it means I had to replan my entire trip, potentially do some solo travelling which I’m not too ready for now. When I’m in a mood, I’m not theContinue reading “am i having a crappy day or did i let one crappy incident ruin my day?”